Anne Prenner Schmidt has written and spoken extensively on the changes in federal benefit law post Obergefell v. Hodges. She is experienced in the nuances involved in same sex marriage and the dissolution of same sex relationships. Federal law and state law are still evolving on the subject matter, particularly as it relates to pensions and healthcare for those within the community. We stand for them and present their cases with all possible evidence to let them get what they deserve.

DRDO for LDBT community

Is your spouse owning any retirement plan? Typically, divorces are emotionally disturbing but financial support can balance it to some extent. The couple usually splits belongings upon their divorce as per the law of equitable distribution, but what about retirement plans?  Division of these retirements plans falls under a special category which is documented as a qualified domestic relations order. These laws can be efficiently utilized by the LGBT community as well. One can simply approach divorce lawyers to proceed with legal orders adhering to apportion specified by divorce courts which include IRAs, private pension plans, and 401(k) plans. Domestic relations order is used to transfer ERISA accounts with the interference of state courts.

At the law offices of Anne Prenner Schmidt Law Firm, we aim at protecting the financial interests of our clients by ensuring an equitable division of actual worth of retirement plans among the two. We cater to all such intricate issues pertaining to marital dissolution for both men & women and the LGBT community in major cities like Highland Park, Illinois, and Chicago. Owing to wide experience, we have a thorough knowledge of rules and regulations applicable to the LGBT community in accordance with domestic relations order prevalent in Highland Park, Illinois, and Chicago. Share, plan and proceed with us to attain expected results for your qualified domestic order.

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