Assignment of Retirement Monies via QDRO, DRO, and Letter of Direction

Anne Prenner Schmidt uses her extensive training and acute business acumen to guide individuals through the emotionally complex process of assigning retirement monies and deferred compensation during the dissolution of their marriage.

The process by which the monies can be assigned, if at all, is contingent on the type of retirement plan and particular regulations of the IRS and Department of Labor. Anne is experienced in evaluating, and drafting the appropriate Order as required by law and regulations, for a flat fee.  Anne’s extensive training and knowledge covers qualified and non-qualified plans and plans covered by ERISA and those exempt from the statute.

Anne’s experience in these areas is reinforced by her LL.M. in Employee Benefits, which she obtained while also working for the U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration. During her time with the Department, Anne focused on Fiduciary correction matters and was responsible for auditing VFCP applications. She is an adjunct professor at the John Marshall Law School, teaching legal writing for employee benefits. 

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